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Headline:FCC U-NII-3 Devices – Information.


FCC U-NII-3 Devices – Information

Date: Jan. 30, 2016

Applications for certification of new devices under the U-NII new rules (Part 15.407) can begin on the June 02, 2014.

In adopting the revised rules, the Commission also established a transition time period during which devices may be approved under rules in effect prior to June 2, 2014 (“Old Rules” – Part 15 Subpart C) or after the effective date (“New Rules” – Part 15 Subpart E).

The Commission established a transition period to allow devices to be approved under the Old 15.247 Rules provided below in attachment 558074 D02 Part 15.247 Old Rules.

Applications for new devices or for already approved devices to add operation in the 5725-5850 MHz band have the following options:

– Comply with the Old 15.247 Rules until March 2, 2016 and continue to use the guidance in attachment 558074 D01 DTS Meas Guidance; or

– Comply with the New Rules using guidance provided in KDB Publication 789033 for devices subject to the New Rules.

Transition period:

Ø Applications for new devices can be filed under the Old Rules until March 2, 2016

Ø After March 2, 2016, applications for all new devices must be filed under the “New Rules.”

Ø Class II or Class III permissive changes for devices approved under the “Old Rules” may be filed under the “Old Rules” until June 1, 2016.

(Permissive change applications for devices based on the Old Rules must use the guidance provided in attachment 789033 D01 General)

Ø On June 2, 2016, all applications for new devices, and permissive changes for previously approved devices, must meet the “New Rules” for operation in all grant-listed U-NII sub-bands.

Ø The devices approved under the Old Rules may be marketed until June 1, 2016.

(All devices approved partially or completely under the Old Rules cannot be marketed starting June 2, 2016)

Ø All devices marketed, imported, or sold as of June 2, 2016 must meet the New Rules.

Ø All devices approved under the Old Rules are subject to the transition requirements, and cannot be marketed, manufactured, imported, sold, or newly installed as of June 2, 2016. Devices already in use and installed are grandfathered.


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More detailed information welcome to contact with ATL.

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