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October 2020



















Ivory Coast news update


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Malaysia update

Malaysia Government has announced the implementation of the National Digital Network Plan or JENDELA under the Twelfth Malaysian Plan (2021 – 2025) to enhance digital connectivity and the quality of experience for communications network across the country. MCMC will stop to issue the approval and renewal for 3G-only device and 4G-capable mobile phones without Voice over LTE (VoLTE) from January 1st 2021. (Includes CoC, SLP IMEI registration and CoA)

For the devices with VoLTE, certificate holder shall offer declaration letter and IR.92/ GSM Association’s document to prove a certain model support VoLTE to remain the certificate valid and do the importation. By December 31st 2021, all 3G device/ non VoLTE product would unable to be used.


Due to the COVID-19, Malaysia had announced the area is under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) from October 22, 2020 to November 9, most employees are working from home which the lead time would be slightly delayed 

Ivory Coast News Update

Ivory Coast (COTE D’IVOIRE) will held presidential election at the end of October. Civil manifestation against the election could be affected the type approval process in this country.

Korea MSIT Update ( WiFi 6GHz)

Korea has issued MSIT Notice 2020-587 for opening WiFi 6GHz on October 16, 2020.

Please see below for more information:

I.                5925-6425 MHz

l   Output power: under 14dBm (1dBm/MHz)

l   Not allowed for Drone.

l   For vehicle device, only available in 6085-6425MHz

l   Allowed bandwidth: 20/40/80/160M

l   Spurious output in Tx mode: -34dBm/MHz

l   Should be used LBT (Listen Before Talk)


II.              5925-7125 MHz (only available for Access Point)

l   Output power: under 2dBm/MHz

l Not allowed for movable situation of device like as vehicle, airplane, train, ship, drone…etc.

l   Allowed bandwidth: 20/40/80/160M

l   Spurious output in Tx mode: -34dBm/MHz

l   Should be used LBT (Listen Before Talk)


Argentina ENACOM Label Update

ENACOM has released Resolution 854/2020 to introduce the changes on labeling requirements. For the new requirement, there will be 2 years grace period (till August 12th 2022).

Logo type


Verical isologotype

Horizontal isologotype

Logo format


Minimum Size


Montserrat Regular (RAMATEL)

Labeling Requirement (logo and ID)

  • If due to the constructive reasons, of size or packaging, the marking could be made directly on the product, the identification shall be printed in the corresponding user manual and/or package, with the original RAMATEL isologotype and the Registration Number.
  • In case of a modular device, it shall be labeled with its own RAMATEL registration number as indicated above. If the RAMATEL identification number is not visible upon the module installation inside another device, then the external part of the main device shall also bear a label marking reference to the module it contains.
  • The inscription “CONTIENE” shall be printed in Arial with a minimum height 5 points. Once the main device containing one or more modules subject to homologation and/or codification shall include in their identification the registration numbers issued for each module.


If you have any further question or request, please do not hesitate to contact us or your related sales, thank you.

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