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Chile update (WiFi 6G)

The Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones (SUBTEL) has published an update to Resolution 1985 Exempt Fixed Technical Standard for Reduced Reach Equipment. The major changes as below:

l   5150-5250MHz: Updated EIRP limit from 250mW to 1W (30dBm) with max PSD of 17mW/MHz, restricted for indoor use only.

l   WiFi  6:
The access equipment (as AP), operate in 5925-7125MHz, must be indoor use and comply following requirement:

Ø  EIRP 1W (30dBm)

Ø  Max. spectral density of 5dBm/MHz

Ø Only have integrated antennas, which may not be removable or replaceable or have connectors to connect additional external antennas.

Ø AP using this band cannot use internal batteries or have spaces for their installation.

Terminal equipment used with Access Point systems can operate in 5900-7100MHz with EIRP 250mW (24dBm), max spectral density of 1dBm/MHz.

l   For the submission, test report must have one laboratory international accreditation mark (previously was two international accreditation marks). 

India TEC Update

Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) in India has extended the acceptance period for test reports from ILAC laboratories (except Safety and EMI/EMC) until June 30, 2021. Applies to all products categories currently summarized in Phase 1 and 2, and all future phases that may be released till June 30, 2021.

Angola Update

The Government of Angola was appointed as the new Chairman for the telecommunications authority INACOM. During this transition period, type approval delays can be expected.

Turkey Update

Bilgi Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu (BTK) has halted all type approval applications as they reconsider the type approval process in Turkey. They will have internal decision about continue issuing type approval letters or accept RED compliance/ CE marking for all products entering Turkey. If BTK announced to accept RED compliance/ CE marking, Turkish User Manuals and the product labels to be prepared in regard to the Consumer Protection Law of Ministry of Trade.

Peru Update

MTC has published Ministerial Resolución N° 0796-2020-MTC/01.03 about:

l   Allocate 3.5GHz and 26GHz for 5G Services

l   Allocate 5925-7125MHz for unlicensed use, including Wi-Fi 6E

Argentina ENACOM Update

Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM) in Argentina has released NO-2020-73167532-APN-SNYE#ENACOM the following two updated test protocol versions:

l   Frequency Hopping Systems V20.1

l   Broadband Digital Modulation Systems V20.1


These test protocols cover the following frequency bands:

l   902-928MHz

l   2400-2483.5MHz

l   5150-5250MHz

l   5250-5350MHz

l   5470-5600MHz

l   5650-5725MHz

l   5725-5850MHz


These procedure will be effective from 2020 December 1st for new approvals. Renewal applications will not be impacted, as long as compliance with the limits established in the new regulations are demonstrated.





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