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Since 2001, taking-off of the radio communications testing opens up the business of the radio communications product test. Following this, ATL is officially established in 2004, using the radio communications product testing technology to expand to a full range of various international testing and certification services, with an aim to provide reliable and certification services for electronic communications products. ATL is in the Asia area the designated lab of the global mobile phone, network communications, chipset, and notebook computer giants.

ATL sets up its labs in Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, allowing the customers for convenient product testing , thus enhancing and maintaining their brand value.




以品質保證、 精準確實、服務第一,


Mission: Be a long-term, reliable and loyal partner of our customers via professional, precise, efficient, impartial and honest customer services。Be a global leader in the field of testing and certification。

With the aim of “One inspection for Global Pass,” we diligently cooperate with the large-scale labs and inspection entities in the countries, such as EU, America, China, Japan, Korea, etc., expecting to establish a smooth product verification platform, in order to reduce the cost and schedule for testing and certification before the products come to the market。

With a philosophy of honesty, innovation and excellence, ATL keeps to set up various testing laboratories, aiming to meet the needs of the radio communication field, in order for our customers to speed up the time-to-market schedule for the products, and to generate more benefits and to enhance international competiveness。

Moreover, we provide our customers with elegant and convenient facilities. There are personal and independent conference rooms for meeting and discussion purposes to achieve stricter confidentiality needs. In the VIP lounge room, we provide drinks, snacks, periodicals and company-wide Wi-Fi connection, enabling our customers to deal with relevant routine jobs if needed, or take a peaceful rest。

We strive to offer professional, delicate and considerate services to let our customers have a feel-at-home experience, in order to realize our “delicate technical services” quality philosophy

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Quality Policy

Continuously improve
overall test quality
Continuous innovate
professional testing technology
Expect to achieve customer satisfaction
Ensure to maintain the impartiality
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