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OTA Anechoic Chamber (Over-The-Air)
OTA Anechoic Chamber
ATL has 3 OTA (Over The Air) fully anechoic chambers in compliance to CTIA 3D antenna performance test requirement. OTA chamber was built up by following ETS Lindgren standard for fully anechoic chamber test system solution, separately setting with Agilent or R&S testing instruments which includes not only all kinds of communication system such as Cellular system / Wi-Fi / WiMax / UWB, but also for debugging, pre-test and final report. ATL can totally support what the clients need.
SAR Laboratories
SAR1 / SAR2 Laboratories
ATL, the first SAR (Specific Absorbtion Rate) laboratory in Taiwan. We have highly precision measuring equipments and trained / qualified technical staff operating our complete equipments. The test facility we use is Dasy system developed by Swiss Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG), and also in compliance with the international agency standard test criteria completely.   ATL SAR Lab is a TAF / CTIA accredited testing facility and obtains Motor/ Verizon carriers’ approval. ATL’s test report can be accepted and effective by every authority in the whole world.
EMC Chamber(Including EMI & EMS )
EMC Testing

ATL EMC laboratory provides not only complete EMC test but also debugging consultancy. ATL has the perfect facilities for EMC test such as 10m 3m and a set of EMS test item. Our clients can finish all of EMC test in one time.

Telecom Laboratory
Telecom Equipment Specification
Hermon Laberatories -TCA 8200
Testing capability


Noise Floor Laboratory
In signal theory, the noise floor is the measure of the signal created from the sum of all the noise sources and unwanted signals within a measurement system.

晶復科技股份有限公司產品驗證部成立目的在於依據國家傳播通訊委員會頒布之「電信終端設 備驗證機構管理辦法」、「電信管制射頻器材驗證機構管理辦法」,獲取國家通訊傳播委員會認可 委託對於電信終端設備以及電信管制射頻器材,執行審驗作業,期待以公正的驗證者定位,提 供專業的驗證服務。 產品驗證部的運作經費財務來源,起於公司基於擴大客戶服務目的及一站式服務的目標,而固 定編列研究與發展所及的財務預算,以提供審驗服務機制的技術研究部門定位,而為公司發展 策略規劃並編列,進而持續貢獻於產品驗證發展以及促進經濟成長。

Global Certification
ATL provides product testing & certification services for products such as cellular phone, mobile communication, wireless network communication and various wireless products covered.
安規實驗室(Safety Laboratory)

晶復科技Safety實驗室提供完整的安全測試,配備完整,擁有一支專業的安規團隊,優質的服務品質,驗證領域廣泛, 包含ITE, AV各類型設備,且提供產品設計階段專業諮詢,高效率的測試。


RF Laboratory

To avoid the generation of harmful emission, all of Radio and Telecom Terminal Equipment shall have a good RSE_Radiated Spurious Emissions control are required in additional to the requirements specified by EMC and LVD Directive, since the new 99/5/EEC of R&TTE Directive becomes effective.

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