Testing services

Service Description

  • Telecom products have become indispensable in people’s daily life. To ensure the safety of the public network, each country mandates its relevant legislation to regulate these products. With our assistance, your products will meet various legislations requested by your target markets more easily and efficiently.

  • Analog FXO/FXS, xDSL, T1/E1 Telecommunication Regulation Test

  • Analog/Digital phone, wire/wireless phone Voice Quality Test

  • FCC (U.S.A.): Part 68 / TIA-968-B

  • IC (Canada): CS-03 Part I/V/VIII

  • ACA (Australia & New Zealand): AS/CA S003.1 / AS/CA S003.3 / AS/ACIF S002/ AS/ACIF S004 / AS/ACIF S043.1 / AS/ACIF S043.2

  • CE (European Union): ETSI ES 203 021-1/-2-3 / ETSI ES 202 913 / TBR 21/38

  • NCC (Taiwan): PSTN01 / ADSL01 / VDSL01

  • MIC (Japan): JATE

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