CTIA OTA v3.5 launch for new request. (2015.07.01)

Headline:CTIA OTA v3.5 launch for new request.

CTIA Published OTA version 3.5 end of June , Version 3.5 is published for informational purposes only at this moment, The estimate schedule of officially launch will be Q3, 2015 by CTIA OTA mandatory.

CTIA Version 3.5 changes :

1. Removed Waiver of UE Based Testing for A-GPS OTA for LTE and Added A-GNSS free space OTA test。

2. Added implementation conformance statements for LTE 2 DL carrier aggregation (single uplink carrier) test required.

3. Added Considerations for Externally-powered Devices description

4. Added Integrated Device with a Removable Antenna Connected Directly to the Device via an RF Coaxial Cable Less Than 20 cm in Length description

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